ROI-NJ Features PS&S’ Ted Osborne

We are pleased to share that the business media company, ROI-NJ, has featured our own Ted Osborne in its most recent article titled “The New (Comfort) Normal: WFH Employees Will Want More than Basic Desk, Chair Upon Return.” Read Ted’s words below, and click on the link above to check out the entire article.

Ted Osborne, executive vice president of architecture and engineering at Warren-based PS&S Architecture and Engineering P.C., said that, even if the projects aren’t coming from all sectors in the economy — with the industries more hard-hit by the pandemic still standing on the sidelines — there is a lot of work to go around.

“Everyone is going to be — if they haven’t already — rethinking their interior spaces and how people are going to be working together,” he said, adding that, due that that, “I’ve been in this industry for a long time, and right now I’m busy as I’ve ever been.”

For PS&S, a Warren-based architecture, engineering and environmental firm, the projects involving corporate office spaces are rolling in slowly as people are brought back into workplaces. Projects involving other structures are piling up almost faster than a firm can take, Osborne said.

“There’s a lot of opportunities out there, and you don’t like to turn anything down,” he said, “but at a certain point, there’s a sort of critical mass in terms of the amount of people you have taking on work.”

Among the projects the firm is eyeing is a redesign of a building for Sanofi. The global biopharma company is one of the many businesses sprucing up facilities and modernizing them for a major return to offices in the fall. The firm is also offering architectural services to multinational healthcare company Roche.

“We’ve got a lot of interesting projects excited lined up in the life science industry,” he said, adding that architects didn’t find health care organizations in the spirit of capital expenditures on anything non-pandemic-related a year ago, “but now a lot of them are starting up projects and we’re seeing a lot of new opportunities there.”