March 2021 PS&S Newsletter


About PS&S' New Logo 


John Sartor, PE

President and CEO

We may be 59 years old, but there is always something new happening at PS&S. You may have noticed new colors and a new look as we have just launched a re-branding of our company. This was no simple task, and we took great care and thought as our re-brand exemplifies our path forward. Throughout it all we were designing and building out our new corporate headquarters, so we took that opportunity to look inward to create a brand that embodies the mission, vision and values of our company. Our employees are our most important asset, and it was important that we emphasize the work they do as the foundation for our new look.

At PS&S we constantly evaluate ourselves on our managerial expertise, technical excellence and our business development acumen. Those three pillars of excellence are the building blocks we used for the design of our new headquarters and logo. We also wanted to incorporate the integration of DW Smith into our new brand. As we added new services and markets, we wanted to highlight the synergies between PS&S and DW Smith.

We took it upon ourselves and used our skills as engineers and architects to help come up with a solution for the new brand. We tackled the issue in the same way we work with clients—by solving a problem in a systematic way to reach our goal. Of course, in everything we do we focus on our work for our clients. That was an underlying principle we brought into our new workspace and logo, and helps guide all of us every day.

Jesper Ryberg and I recently spoke with Linda Lindner of NJ Biz about the evolution of our new brand. You can read the article here which describes how the ‘blueprint’ guided us along the journey. I invite you to visit our new headquarters or any of our offices where you will see this blueprint prominently displayed on our walls. The blueprint reminds us of our past and gives us a glimpse of a bright future ahead providing superior service to our clients.

John Sartor


Jesper Ryberg is the Design Director of PS&S with more than 18 years of architectural experience. In that role, he oversees the creative process and directs, inspires, and motivates the design professionals at PS&S to elevate product aesthetic and quality. Ryberg has worked closely with clients and designers to build creative, cohesive results on hundreds of key projects for the company. As lead designer for many of PS&S’s office planning projects it only made sense that he would also take on that leadership role for the new PS&S headquarters. Halfway during the design process COVID hit which meant making modifications and adjustments for the new normal and building out the workplace of the future. Ryberg describes the new office as having an energetic hub in the center much like the center of a beehive surrounded with a radial perspective that gets more private and focused as you move away from the center. Ryberg also took the colors and designs from the new headquarters and was the guiding force in creating the ‘blueprint’ that served as a guide to the new PS&S brand. Ryberg has a degree in Engineering from Tycho Brahe Engineering School and an Architecture degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Thank you for dedicated service to PS&S!

During Women’s History Month PS&S would like to recognize Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Nevins. Previously she was a Principal of DW Smith Associates and handled the overall operations including project management, quality control and assurance, client satisfaction and strategic planning. She successfully created the Community Association Services division within DW Smith Associates and continues in that lead role at PS&S. Last year she was president of the New Jersey Community Association Institute and has served in many leadership roles at the national and state level. As part of the management committee, she leads branding and marketing efforts of the firm and is in charge of the branding subcommittee that helped spearhead the new logo design.

Over the past year Nevins has taken a leadership role in the integration process of DW Smith with PS&S. She says the philosophy of focusing on employees is just one of the many synergies between the firms that has been a guiding force as they consolidate. Nevins has also been an advocate for women’s leadership, including advising and mentoring female students through the Rutgers Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL), and recently she helped to establish the Women’s Initiative Program within PS&S. She graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science degree. She also earned her Management for Design Firms Certification from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and Construction Management Certification from New Jersey Institute of Technology. Most recently, she received the Executive Leadership Certification from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Thank you for being such an inspiring team member!

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