Utility Sector

DW Smith Associates LLC, a subsidiary of PS&S, LLC, has been serving the Utility Industry since 1965.  Working with the utility company or the installation contractor, DW Smith Associates has completed numerous public and private utility infrastructure improvement projects serving the public.

Today DW Smith works directly for both public and private utility companies offering a variety of services, including surveying, right-of-way mapping, civil engineering design and permitting for construction.

DW Smith survey crews are equipped with Global Positioning Systems, allowing the surveyors to tie into existing State Plane Coordinates within minutes.  DW Smith was one of the co-founders of the NJ Smartnet Network helping sponsor an RTK Base Station in the Ocean County Engineering Department.  Having real time base stations permanently set up through the Mid-Atlantic States allows DW Smith survey crews to establish control in near Real Time.  DW Smith crews also use robotic total stations allowing the crews to efficiently collect mass amounts of point data in short periods of time.

DW Smith has developed an extensive code system to allow the field surveyors to convey accurate descriptions of the existing field conditions to the mapping staff back at the office.  Using laptop computers with aircards allows the crews to get the data back to the office at any time of day.  Our office staff utilizes state of the art computers running Autocad or Microstation based on our clients’ needs.  Digital terrain models are used to ensure Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) for topographic mapping, while also being utilized to create contours to show relief.

DW Smith right-of-way surveyors perform route and deed mosaic functions along new (virgin) right-of-way and/or  the expansion of existing right-of-way(s).  DW Smith has prepared right-of-way documents for the local municipal, county, NJDOT and Federal agencies when a utility company right-of-way needs to cross multiple land owners’ properties.

DW Smith engineers support utility expansion and construction by providing soil erosion design, stormwater management design and various civil engineering design functions as they relate to linear utility projects.

DW Smith engineers provide support to our utility clients working at the federal, state, county and local municipal levels.   At the federal level, DW Smith works closely with the Army Corp of Engineers on general and individual permits for construction projects located near waterways and ports.  At the State level, DW Smith coordinates the proposed construction activities with the NJDEP and NJDOT along with NJDCA.  DW Smith engineers work closely with the state agency to identify all the required permits before design begins so that the construction schedule can be maintained.  Determining whether the construction falls under a general permit or an individual permit can have a large impact on a project’s schedule.  DW Smith engineers have been able to identify possible permitting delays early on in the design phase there by avoiding costly delays in construction.  DW Smith coordinates and secures county and local municipal approvals which are always important to stay on schedule.  DW Smith knows how to fast track these approvals when the project demands it.  DW Smith engineers work closely with the NJ Department of Community Affairs to assure a timely review and delivery of approved plans to the municipal building department for foundation construction, electrical permits, mechanical- HVAC permits and plumbing permits.  At the county level, DW Smith engineers provide site plan application, road opening and utility permits, maintenance and protection of Traffic plans and permits along with soil erosion and sediment control permits.

Working closely with the utility company, the design team and the contractor doing the work, DW Smith engineers identify potential constructability problems while working through the permitting process assuring that projects get permitted, constructed and that in-service dates are never delayed.