Transition Reports


The transition process of control moving from Developer to Association is a critical period of time for any community. The DW Smith Associates team of inspectors and licensed professionals has extensive experience with preparing transition reports and expediting the transition process.

Our transition services include:

  • A review of governing documents, public documentation, engineering and architectural drawings
  • Identification of common elements for which the Association is responsible
  • A consultation with the Property Manager to identify perceived deficiencies
  • Preparation of a customized resident questionnaire and response analysis
  • On-site visual observations of common elements for conformance to the provided documentation and drawings, codes and industry standards
  • A punch list summary describing observed deficiencies, locations of the deficiencies, the possible causes, references to performance standards and the recommended corrective action
  • A meeting with the Board to present the Transition Report

As it is important to determine the physical condition of a community development, it is just as important to determine the financial condition. Therefore, our transition services also incorporate the preparation of a full reserve study in order for the Association to develop a budgetary procedure for future replacement of common elements and financial stability.