Team Biographies: H

John Harper

Information Systems Manager

Phone: (732) 363-5850 ext.111

Mr. Harper joined DW Smith Associates in 2005 as the Information Systems Manager. He specializes in all areas of Information Technology, including configuring domain services and desktop systems, as well as remote connectivity. Mr. Harper is also experienced in Telco negotiations and the installation and management of phone system software and hardware.

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Tracie Harper

Receptionist/Accounts Receivable Specialist

Phone: (732) 363-5850 ext.100

Mrs. Harper is a Receptionist/Accounts Receivable Specialist with over 22 years of experience, including providing accounting support for a security company and a property management company.

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Tara Haussling

Permitting Specialist

Phone: (732) 363-5850 ext. 107

Mrs. Haussling is a Permitting Specialist with over 17 years of experience in Land Development, Land Use Law, Permitting, and General Building Construction. Her experience includes State, Municipal, County, Municipal/Local, and Regulatory agency permitting support for multiple Land Use projects. 

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Kathy Hering, PE, PP, CME, CPWM

Sr. Project Engineer

Phone: (732) 363-5850 ext. 112

Ms. Hering is a Senior Project Engineer in the Utility department and has over 21 years of extensive experience in all facets of municipal engineering and construction. She held the position of Borough engineer in various municipalities throughout the State, including Metuchen, Leonia and Atlantic Highlands, along with representing several Planning, Zoning and Joint Land Use Boards in four counties as the Board Engineer.

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John A. Hinck, PLS

Project Land Surveyor

Phone: (732) 363-5850 ext. 119

Mr. Hinck is a Project Land Surveyor with over 32 years of experience in all facets of land surveying. He has extensive experience preparing General Property Parcel Maps, Individual Property Parcel Maps and legal descriptions for numerous roadway and bridge reconstruction projects.

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Syed B. Husain, PE, PP

Associate/Sr. Project Engineer

Phone: (732) 363-5850 ext. 124

Mr. Husain is an Associate/Senior Project Engineer in the Community Association department, specializing in all aspects of Civil Engineering, Municipal Engineering and Planning.

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