DW Smith Associates, LLC, a subsidiary of PS&S, LLC, was founded in 1965 on a powerful combination of expertise, science, art and an unyielding commitment to innovative, environmentally-sensitive and cost-effective designs. Our history of steady growth demonstrates our dedication to superior customer service and excellence in design. We have pioneered a revolutionary, integrated approach that works with nature while exceeding client’s goals. Its uniqueness defies fixed definitions of traditional engineering and demands its own original designation—Greengineering®.

Greengineering®(‘gren-jə-ni(ə)r-ing) n. 1: The art and science of creating environmentally sensitive, cost-effective land development designs that exceed a client’s needs while respecting the natural surroundings. 2: Designing places for people to live, work and play. 3: Working for you and the environment.

DW Smith Associates coined the term Greengineering® long before “green” became the trend and registered it as an international trademark in 1999. This environmentally responsible methodology enables us to attract a wide array of clients, including residential and commercial developers, community associations, municipalities and government agencies, individuals and a variety of industries. Significant strengths have been gained through such broad experience, namely the consistent development of imaginative, cost effective solutions that transform constraints into assets in environmentally sensitive designs for various markets.

Today, DW Smith Associates is an award-winning, multi-discipline professional consulting firm specializing in Project Management, Engineering, Planning, Surveying, Landscape Design, Environmental and GIS services. We provide our services to many sectors, including the Residential, Commercial, Community Association, Transportation, Utility and Pipeline industries, as well as Local Government. The firm is a Limited Liability Company where project teams are comprised of professionals from all required disciplines who have established a productive synergy from collaborating on many past projects.

DW Smith Associates is committed to offering reliable service, providing open communication, being responsive to client needs, and developing strong relationships. Client satisfaction is our number one priority! As a part of that commitment, we recently expanded into the Gulf Coast region by opening an office in Spring, Texas. The Gulf Coast region is a vibrant, diverse, and thriving area where we feel our commitment to reliable service, strong client relationships, and client satisfaction will enable both the company and the communities we operate in to grow and prosper. We look forward to both the client and community relationships we will establish as we expand throughout the region.


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